Tennessean for Fair Taxation!

Top Story and Bottom Line: 2014 Voter Education

Incredibly and unbelievably, our elected officials in 2012 and 2013 ducked the question on how to best fund basic services in Tennessee.

Rather than finding fiscal solutions, they kicked the ball to the general public.

The November 4, 2014 ballot will contain Ballot Measure #3 which, if approved, will ban for all time an income tax in Tennessee.

Those who may say "Hooray!" do not understand the issue - that taxes will eventually go UP, not down. In fact, many Tennesseans don't even know this will be on the ballot.

    VOTE NO on 3. SAY NO TO:
  • Handcuffs on funding options for basic civic services
  • Higher sales, property and business taxes
  • A permanent food tax
  • The highest sales tax in the nation, forever..

Our leaders will need options. Our children will need options.

    I AM a Tennessean for Fair Taxation!
  • Because every child deserves a quality education and a healthy start.
  • Because police, fire and environmental protections are foundations for safe and healthy communities.
  • Because food is a basic human necessity and should never be taxed.
  • Because jobs and business successes are tied to our investments in an educated workforce, effective transportation systems, and other public services.
  • Because I believe in preserving Liberty for future generations to best fund services lifting Tennessee.

    TAXES liberated us from:
  • driving on dirt roads,
  • disease-ridden communities from poor sanitation,
  • and one-room school houses.

TFT has a positive vision for Tennessee:

We can lower taxes overall for our citizens and businesses, AND achieve higher levels of funding for education, transportation, health and other key services.

"I like paying taxes. With them, I buy civilization." Oliver Wendell Holmes

Tennessean for Fair Taxation!

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